Lines inscribed on a Leaf of Lowth’s Grammar

This poem shows that Lowth’s grammar inspired its readers to more things that acquiring “the Art of rightly expressing our thoughts by Words” (Lowth 1762:1).

The poem is part of a collection of poems called The Wiccamical Chaplet (1804), edited by George Huddesford (bap. 1749, d. 1809). The poems had been “written by boys who were his contemporaries at Winchester” (ODNB, s.v. George Huddesford). Lowth himself had been a scholar at Winchester College, and he published The Life of William of Wykeham, the founder of the college, in 1758.

Thanks to Karlijn Navest for drawing my attention to this poem.


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  • ODNB: The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Online edition.
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