New portrait by Robert Lowth?

An oil painting has just shown up that might very well represent Robert Lowth.

Copyright Ben Cavanna

Though the painter is currently unknown, the portrait shows clear similarities with the one that you normally see when you google for images of him.

“From an original Picture by R.E. Pine, in the Possession of the Rev. Robert Lowth M.A. Drawn by W. Evans. Engraved by J. Godby.”

Once restored, the portrait will be put up for sale. As there are very few oil paintings by Lowth available, there might be considerable interest in the portrait. If you wish to acquire the portrait, please reply to this post in the form of a comment. Comments don’t go online automatically, and they will be treated with the greatest conficence.

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2 Responses to New portrait by Robert Lowth?

  1. A Taylor says:

    Hello. I gather that Robert Lowth was Rector of Sedgefield for a time around the 1750s; a copy of the more well-known portrait of him hangs in the vestry of Sedgefield Church. I have seen this myself some years ago, and it apparently remains there.

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