A scrap of a letter from Lowth

I’m very pleased to have become the owner of a scrap of a letter by Lowth, which basically contains his signature only. I was in two minds about bidding for it on ebay, because I’m appalled at the idea that autograph hunters cut up original letters just for the sake of the signature, but the original owner let me know that this had already been done in the nineteenth century.

Here it is (the image was taken from ebay):

Lowth's signature

I think I have a pretty good idea as to who the addressee may have been, and will argue my case as soon as I have the document in my possession.

Thanks to Samuli Kaislaniemi for bringing the scrap to my attention.

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3 Responses to A scrap of a letter from Lowth

  1. brainoutakabrainouty says:

    In your studies have you ever run across Robert Lowth recanting his claim that Hebrew meter must follow Greek rules? That claim is in his monograph on Isaiah 53 meter. The poor man is completely wrong. Isaiah 53 is perfectly meter in hypostatic pairs divisible by 7 which is a feature of the entire Bible whether Hebrew or Greek. I make videos demonstrating it. You can contact me as brainouty in Twitter, and I will give you the links.

    I desperately hope Dr Lowth recanted the claim, because I’m trying to honor him.

    • I’m sorry, no. My interest in Lowth and his life has been purely linguistic There are other scholars who have worked on his literary interpretations on Isaiah, perhaps they can help.

      • brainoutakabrainouty says:

        THANK YOU!

        It is amazing to me how much influence he has had on biblical scholarship. People don’t even know that the Bible is metered first syllable from Genesis to Revelation to enable to audit and preserve the original words. I’ve spent 10 years documenting how it works and no scholar has noticed.

        Even Dr Vance a very famous Bible scholar on Hebrew, does not notice. I can only think it’s because they expect Hebrew to follow Greek rules, like Dr. Lowth did!

        Commercially, the discovery of Bible meter is worth millions of dollars; but I’m dying of cancer; so I don’t have time to find someone to look at it. If you happen to hear someone express interest, please tell them to contact me in Twitter, @brainouty.

        I’m not looking for money but for a successor. You can bet Robert Lowth is yelling from heaven, he wants the same.

        Sorry for ranting, and thank you for your time!

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