Ownership marks in Lowth’s grammar

By his own estimate, Lowth’s grammar appeared in some 34,000 copies down to the end of his life. I happen to possess one of them, published in 1772. Interestingly, it includes references to various owners over the years, four in this case.

My own copy (1772) – the image shows only two of the earlier owners

Some early owners can be identified, but many others cannot. Still, I’m taking up the challenge to try and find – and identify – as many of the grammar’s early owners as I can.

I myself possess only a single copy, but readers of this blog may do so so, or they may even possess multiple copies. If you do, please have a look and let me know if one or more of its original owners inscribed their name on the title page. I realise I will never be able to find all 33,000 earlier owners, but I’d like at least to find as many as possible, and I can only do so with your help!

(Additionally, if anyone could help me identify Vincent Golder, I’d be most grateful, too.)

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2 Responses to Ownership marks in Lowth’s grammar

  1. Paul Nance says:

    Couldn’t the surname be read as Golder? In a quick search on Ancestry.com, I find a Vincent Golder, born 22 Aug 1779 in Fritwell, Oxfordshire, England, the son of Thomas Golding (born 1723) and Anne Ring (born 1736). On 10 Feb 1812, he was married to Sophia Elizabeth Littlechild in St. Botolph, Aldersgate, London. He wrote a will on 30 Sep 1829, leaving his estate to his wife, and died 1 Feb 1830 in Edmonton, Middlesex. Unfortunately, none of these sources give his profession.

  2. Yes, Paul, you’re right: Golder it is. And thanks for the detective work! The back of the sheet has another ownership mark, with the name John Golder. Perhaps a son? I’ll take take up your suggestion to browse ancestry.com, many thanks indeed!

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