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This blog is about Robert Lowth (1710-1787), described in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as “biblical critic and bishop of London”. But for linguists he is much more than that: he was also the author of the most authoritative eighteenth-century grammar.

But his Short Introduction to English Grammar (1762) is also his most controversial publication: linguists usually see it as a prescriptive grammar, and Lowth is consequently described as a purist or a prescriptivist.

This view is, however, the result of much bias and prejudice, as well as ignorance about the history of normative grammar writing. This blog therefore aims to correct this image of Lowth. Author of the blog is Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, whose book on Lowth, The Bishop’s Grammar, was published in 2011, by Oxford University Press.

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  1. Cyprian Blamires says:

    My name is Cyprian Blamires.
    I have just seen your entry about Harry Blamires.
    He is my father, still going strong at 98 but now in a Home.
    He was Dean of Degrees at King Alfred’s College in Winchester (NOT Winchester College). This college later became Winchester University.
    Last year Professor Nick Sagovsky gave a Foundation Lecture about him at Winchester University.
    I thought you would be interested.

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