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Lowth in the OED

One of the ways I adopted in my Introduction to Late Modern English (Edinburgh University Press, 2009) to see to what extent people had left their mark on English vocabulary was by looking for their first usages in the OED. The … Continue reading

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Just out: another paper on Lowth

Yesterday, Robin Straaijer tweeted: It’s taken a while, but it’s finally been published in #LanguageAndHistory … #sluitsteen. I In the article, he discusses “possible sources for Priestley’s norm of correctness in his grammar book, The Rudiments of English Grammar, from a socio-historical … Continue reading

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Lowth an Archbishop?

In my book The Bishop’s Grammar (OUP, 2011), I tried to put an end to the myth that it was as a bishop that Lowth wrote his Short Introduction to English Grammar (1762). While he was indeed a clergyman when he wrote … Continue reading

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A new letter by Lowth

A new letter by Robert Lowth has come to light: It is advertised on the website Modern First Editions (from which I took this image). This is very interesting news, but I have a lot of questions: the information on … Continue reading

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A scrap of a letter from Lowth

I’m very pleased to have become the owner of a scrap of a letter by Lowth, which basically contains his signature only. I was in two minds about bidding for it on ebay, because I’m appalled at the idea that … Continue reading

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An authentic portrait of Lowth?

This image with a detail from the newly discovered picture of Robert Lowth shows part of the spine of the book in the portrait: The spine, however, also reads “DONVM AVTORIS”, a gift from the author. I suppose it could … Continue reading

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New portrait by Robert Lowth?

An oil painting has just shown up that might very well represent Robert Lowth. Though the painter is currently unknown, the portrait shows clear similarities with the one that you normally see when you google for images of him. Once … Continue reading

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